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We Care About Three Things:

Hiking in the Quantocks, Bluebells

Wellbeing of People

Splatt Farm Gardens offers a unique camping experience that encourages people to connect to each other and the natural environment. We provide a nature-based simple camping experience, encouraging people to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.


Our campsite is located in the beautiful landscapes of Somerset's rolling hills, and boasts a compost toilet, lots of open space, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. We invite you to come and experience the joys of camping with us.

Teamwork, Team Building, Corporate Away Days

Wellbeing of Community

Splatt Growing Community is a place where people from all walks of life can come together to connect with each other and nature.

Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging and cultivate a deep connection with nature.


We offer free veg boxes to local people who volunteer to help with growing our healthy, organic-style* fruit and vegetables in a sustainable and eco-friendly way., we offer retreats for people to connect to each other and nature and we encourage local community members to come and enjoy the space any time for free.


Wellbeing of Environment

We are passionate about growing organic-style, sustainable food using no-dig, permaculture methods.


Our lush garden is filled with a variety of fruit, vegetables and nuts with beehives, and a pond to support various types of life to thrive.


We are also in the process of developing a food forest: the most sustainable form of food production.

*We have no organic certification, but we use no herbicides, pesticides or other poisons or chemicals on our vegetables.


All of our projects link directly to our three supporting pillars: Care of People, Care for Community and Care of the Environment. We encourage anyone who is interested in our project to get in touch, get involved and support us on social media!

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